The Rundle Cup 2019 at Tidworth Polo Club

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On 13 July, undoubtedly helped by the glorious sunny weather, the stalls at The Rundle Cup were looking bright and colourful and careful selection had given a really good mix of products from food to fashion (and lots in between).  The layout was great, so although there were stalls with similar types of goods, they were thoughtfully spread out.

Initially the day seemed rather quiet and having allowed ample time to set up (for once!) I was actually ready and wondering where all the visitors were.  Needless to say, it wasn’t long before the first customers came along, and with time to kill pre-polo, most were up for browsing and a little retail therapy to kick-start their day.

And so the day went on with steady customer flow and good sales right up until we closed at 6 (and later actually, I had to unpack twice!).  Whilst the footfall might not have been huge, they were the ‘right sort’ of people – enjoying a lovely day out and certainly enjoying the shopping!

If I was concerned beforehand that visitors might have been too ‘horsey’, I needn’t have worried.  When I enquired about polo match results, I was several times met with rather blank looks “Polo?  Oh no, I come for the social and the shopping!”

Says it all really!

Shoppers of all ages enjoying The Rundle Cup

I have just checked my records and it was 2014 when I last had a stall at The Rundle Cup.

I had been for a couple of years before that as well and it always seemed well attended, but sales were, well, mediocre at best, so I decided it give it a miss for a year and it rather fell off my radar after that.  So pleased that I gave it a chance again this year!

By Christina Tomlinson – Armadillo Jewellery


Fair Organisers

Road Signage

Councils can be very unhelpful when it comes to signs. If your fair warrants it, consider having the AA or RAC put up signs for you. If you are responsible for your own, make sure they haven’t sagged or disappeared when they should be working for you. You also need to make sure that your local jokers haven’t turned the arrows around the wrong way. It happens! If your stallholders can’t find you the punters won’t be able to either!

Make sure your lettering on signs is large enough to be read at speed. Little homemade computer generated signs are impossible to read at speed.


Finding your way to the fair

Before you set out check the directions by clicking on the link below for the CFA fairs map. Click on the arrow where your fair is located (full details are available 3 weeks before fair date). Load up the sat nav before you go because some of our fairs are in such fantastic locations they do not have internet access