The Cancer Fair at the Bank of England has Raised over £1.5 Millions in its Lifetime

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Di Halford has announced that very sadly 2019 will be the last Cancer Fair at the Bank of England Leisure Centre. She kindly sent in the following observations:

*Our committee had decided that 2020 was going to be the final year of the fair as we are all getting older and none of the younger members want to take it on. With the venue being sold it has been brought forward.

*We have been extremely successful and we think changing the type of cancer that we support every year certainly helps with donations etc.

*The regular stallholders have been so supportive but we go to great lengths to have a percentage of new stalls (they come to choosing days at my house). We limit jewellery as so many stalls suddenly seem to have jewellery when they are setting up!

*We are also fortunate in getting help from the bank staff with loading and unloading (we pay) it makes a great difference.

*The CFA a been extremely helpful to us as well as supporting stalls. Thank you.

*Over the last 30 years we have raised in excess of £1.5 million.


By Di Halford

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