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Lucy Vaux started The Pyjama House 14 years ago. She is based in North Yorkshire where she designs and sells these beautifully soft cotton pyjamas for all ages including nighties! All their nightwear is original, but classic and made from extremely good quality cotton that will wash and wash. Their summer weight nightwear range is particularly luxurious being made of superfine cotton, which can be woven tighter than a thick yarn, giving it a high thread count, minimal bulk, superior strength and sublime softness. The brushed cotton yarns are also very much stronger than those you will find elsewhere on the High Street so shrinkage is reduced and piling is negligible. All the gorgeous fabrics are designed in Yorkshire . Their customers tell them that they are some of the softest, most cosy traditional cotton pyjamas ever made ….! Lucy says that they are selling like hotcakes at the moment for all the staycations and camping holidays as it always gets abit chilly at night! The perfect answer to Christmas presents as well! See her in the NIGHTWARE AND LOUNGEWEAR category of our Shopping Emporium Every purchase you make there – 10% will go to the CFA Fund!