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SERAPHINA JEWELLERY – Marion and Ian Clifford
It all started with a visit to the artisan workshop in Rio de Janeiro in 2005 as we had gone by cruise ship to see the famous Rio Carnival that February. There my husband bought me a necklace from this tiny studio where three men were hand making this fabulous jewellery. When we got home, all my friends and family thought that the necklace set with Brazilian semi-precious stones was so unique and beautiful and were impressed that it was tarnish free and hypo-allergenic. Because of this reaction, we felt we had to return to Brazil that Christmas to ask if we could become the London agent for this beautiful jewellery range. When we arrived at the studio, we were actually given the rights to the whole of Europe so I started to import just a small amount of jewellery each month to sell in my spare time as I had a great job and this was just a side line. However, when we went on yet another cruise, ladies from all over the world wanted to buy the different pieces of jewellery which I wore each evening so I could see the potential of this small business and by chance, in 2009, I was approached by the Manager of the shops on board the Queen Mary 2 who asked if I would be interested in selling my jewellery on luxury cruise ships. He and his team had watched me every evening and felt that the jewellery would be an ideal range to sell on the ships. I knew this was a great plan as I had been inundated by cruise mates on all of my cruises. This started a seven year life changing opportunity. My husband and I left our jobs and had the best time sailing the seas and selling this amazing jewellery to cruise ship guests, many of whom are still customers to this day and who have built a jewellery wardrobe from our amazing selection which is always evolving. See photo below taken on board one of the ten cruise ships we worked on. Since we finished our stint at sea, we have been busy working at fairs and events but since Covid19, we have had to sell by sending mail shots to clients all over the world who are on our mailing list. Unfortunately the studio in Brazil has had to close due to lockdown and the owner who does most of the hand crafting cannot earn a living. The Government in Brazil has given the equivalent of £80 per month for three months to all its citizens but that is far too small an amount of money to live on. As we have the best relationship with our supplier, we have been sending him money regularly throughout this terrible time to sustain him and he has been able to make exceptional one off pieces of jewellery from his back yard at home. Working with these amazing craftsmen has been a wonderful experience. I have learnt a lot about Brazilian semi-precious stones and crystals and have made friends all over the world. But the best thing of all is the Fair Trade aspect. At Christmas, our man in Rio was able to buy ten food packs to give to the needy due to us having regular orders of his jewellery and since Covid 19, he has spent a little of the money we sent him buying a few packs for people he’s met who have no money at all to feed themselves. This is a heartwarming feeling in these crazy times!

We carry a large range of stock some of which can be viewed at or if there are any questions, we can be contacted at
We are happy to send out photos of our stock jewellery and with technology, we can show pieces by WhatsApp or FaceTime video.

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  • Annabel Peckham says:

    This is such an amazing story and fantastic that you are able to support them during this awful time.