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These are not a traditional “Charity Shop” style events, this is a different way of raising money for charity through selling. Our events are all run by individual fairs organisers and committees in painstakingly chosen venues ranging from village halls to castles. Our StallholdersĀ are all individual, knowledgeable, professional small businesses who travel around the venues with their gorgeous, unique, brand new products raising money for the fairs chosen charity by donating 10% of their day’s takings.

Amazing venues - The Westonbirt Charities Fair
Susie P Accessories
Another fantastic venue!

This is remembering the days of being able to buy from a seller who knew about their product, cared about their customer and selected their stock for quality and diversity, not just profit – well imagine a venue full of 30, 40, sometimesĀ 100 of these stalls each giving 10% of their takings to the fairs charity.

Its the traditional way of selling with time to talk to customers
Chukka Belts at the Royal Bath and West
Vanessa's Kitchen

And just as a bonus, some of our Stallholders are award-winning and sell to the rich and famous…

How to enjoy your day at the fair

  • Make sure you have lots of cash and a cheque book because some of our stallholders are so specialised they do not take cards
  • Check the directions by scrolling up to the map above, clicking on the arrow where your fair is located (full details are available 3 weeks before fair date). Load up the sat navs because some of our fairs are in such fantastic locations they do not have internet access
  • Check the weather by scrolling up to the map above, clicking on the arrow where your fair is located. Make sure you wear appropriate clothing – some of our fairs in rural settings may need waterproof footwear and umbrellas

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This is not just a selling event, it is a day out to enjoy across the generations

It's not just shopping, it's also giving to charity (10% of your spend goes to the charity)

Take your shopping to the next level by supporting charities as you shop

Charity Fairs are shopping with that little extra sparkle around the edges