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(new fairs info at the end!)

Another 3 months after our last Enews and we seem to be 3 months further out of the pandemic. The disruption is not over yet that is for sure, but things are looking a lot more positive and many of our fairs are still planning and feeling positive about going ahead later in the year. As we go to press a number of our summer fairs have already taken place and stallholders are thoroughly enjoying being out selling again. How are these events actually going? – we hear they are going very well and our chairman has actually been on the ground to observe for herself the hustle and bustle that is back at these events with such happy stallholders and shoppers. To quote one of our seasoned jewellers – ‘the customers there were delightful – interested, engaged and sooooo happy to be out and about after so long’.

SO ONWARD AND UPWARD!!!! At last, it seems, the charity fair cogs are starting to turn again and it is becoming clear that it would take more than a pandemic to put us all off!
We have a number of things we wanted to update you on and keep you in touch with. We also wanted to welcome our new members.


You will all have received my email and hopefully seen the social media updates to confirm that the new insurance options are now embedded and all our members can start to benefit from them. Hopefully the emails have explained the process well enough, but please do get in touch if you have any queries. Just to give an outline:
EVENT INSURANCE – This is with Graham Sykes Insurance. This is the first time we have been able to give insurance for fairs as an option. We have an ‘affiliate link’ through the members area of our website where you can obtain a coupon to use on Graham Sykes website to get 10% off your event insurance (for any fair with a turnover of less than £30,000). If you have a bigger turnover you can phone them direct. For more info see this link:
FO Insurance – Charity Fairs Association
STALLHOLDER INSURANCE – There are now 2 options for stallholder insurance – Graham Sykes Insurance and Lycetts. If your turnover is less than £30,000 we have an ‘affiliate link’ through the members area of our website. There you can obtain a coupon to use on Graham Sykes website to get 10% discount and some interesting different options to the normal PPEL insurance offered by Lycetts. You can still use Lycetts and they are certainly an option if your turn over is above £30,000. For more info see this link:


The committee had a Zoom brainstorming session on improving the CFA’s profile. As a result we have 2 projects
1. PR and Press Release –
It was agreed that we should try to get some press coverage, but aware we did not want to tread on the toes of our fair organisers who use the press themselves and have made some great contacts. Our thoughts were more to give a boost at this time of year to complement our fairs, telling the readers how brilliant these charity events are on so many levels. We have 3 press releases ongoing for these reasons:
• One to go to the local papers emphasising the CFA Shopping Emporium – this will be timed to make sure it does not clash with the fairs in the Autumn season and is still being written
• One to go out to the national and local newspapers during the Autumn season to back up our members fair’s coverage – this is still being written. Your fair will get a personal mention for the relevant county/local newspaper as a boost to your own press coverage
• One to go out to the glossy magazines – this is now written and is attached for you to read and send your comments. If any of you have any press contacts, it would be brilliant if you could share them with me. That way we can all help each other and hopefully get some really amazing coverage.
2. Social Media –
We discussed improving our brand on social media and we now have some great templates which Jane Francis of Jane Abbott Design Ltd very kindly designed for us. I have started using them and I think you will agree, they look amazing and definitely raise our profile. Thank you so much to her. I struggle a bit with trying to remember the process each time but it is beginning to become more instinctive!

You will have seen that some of our stallholders have their business photos fronting their product category on the first page of the Shopping Emporium on our website. Fair organisers and stallholders also have their logos (with links to their websites) on the first page of the Emporium, plus the STALLHOLDERS and FAIR ORGANISERS pages of the website. It is time for a change around and we would like to offer it to all members – THE COST IS ONLY £30 FOR YOUR BUSINESS PHOTO AT THE FRONT OF YOUR PRODUCT CATEGORY AND ONLY £20 FOR YOUR LOGO WITH A LINK TO YOUR WEBSITE TO BE DISPLAYED ON THE PAGES DISCUSSED ABOVE.

It is becoming apparent that some stallholders are not paying their 10% to the CFA Fund when the purchase comes through the Shopping Emporium (identified hopefully by CFA after the shoppers name) This is very disappointing especially when someone from the committee has bought and it is therefore obvious when the 10% is not paid. It is very sad this is happening when some of our other members are being so generous with their donations. If there is something we are doing that is making it difficult to pay the 10% do please let me know OTHERWISE PLEASE PAY THEM PROMPTLY OR WHEN REQUESTED! Just a reminder that they can be paid through a donate button on the website which is top left of every page The CFA Fund – Charity Fairs Association

As the fairs are becoming a reality at last, the question of risk assessments and Covid is looming. I had one risk assessment returned by a stallholder for the Rundle Cup which I thought was very succinct and covered all bases. I thought it might help stallholders with what to put and fair organisers with what they should expect –
POTENTIAL HAZARD: Transmission of Covid 19
PERSONS AT RISK: Self, customers, other stallholders
MEASURES IN PLACE TO MINIMISE RISK: Supply hand sanitiser at entrance to stand and further bottles on each table or display area. Create signage to remind customers about social distancing, face masks and hand sanitising. Discourage customers from routinely touching stock and ensure customer and stallholder sanitise hands before picking up or trying on items. Wear mask at all times and require that customers do the same on the stand. Ensure social distancing is maintained.
(Thank you to Christina Tomlinson – Armadillo Jewellery for this)

CFA Sponsored Pop Up Shops
I have had a few discussions about Pop Ups with members for the future and indeed the committee are looking at various options. I will keep you informed. Finding a venue can be challenging but there are lots of options out there and thinking out of the box really helps. Small is good to make things easy to start with – even as small as 5-10 stallholders. One can always build on one’s success.
CFA Assisted Events
We are in negotiations with a couple of events to provide CFA assistance mainly with organizing stallholders. Our current assisted events seem very grateful for the help with all the changes, cancellations, postponements they have had to make. I am in a very good position to help with a wonderful directory of stallholders to turn to when things change. I wish to thank you all for being so stoic when I have had to change/cancel events. So frustrating for everyone. However, all seems very positive for the Rundle Cup to go ahead on its new date 31 Jul 21. Do contact me if anyone is interested in a stall there. We have a few vacancies due to the changes.
CFA Shopping Emporium and CFA Fund
Frustratingly our plans from last time have had to be put on hold but we should now be able to move forward – more of that in a later edition!

Welcome to a new fair – Autumn Fair Great Bromley – Cheshire Home (26/11/21) – STALLHOLDER VACANCIES

We would like to welcome back – Market Rasen Shopping Extravaganza (6/10/21) and Cancer Research Christmas Fair formally at The Grasshopper Inn, Westerham (2-3/11/21) – STALLHOLDER VACANCIES