Organising a charity fair can be a very rewarding experience and alot of fun. You can forge wonderful friendships within your committee, raise alot of money for your chosen charity and enjoy a retail experience like no other! It is also very hard work and can be frustrating and stressful at times. The CFA hopes to make this experience alot easier for our fair organisers by 1) providing a very comprehensive guide to running a fair when you join 2) an annual conference where you meet and network with other fair organisers and choose your stallholders 3) a helpful CFA staff and committee always at the end of a phone or email 4)help with marketing through our mailing list and social media boosts and promotions. Just as a taster here are some of the points to need to consider when organising a charity fair:- find a committee, choose a venue (think of floor space, power, heating, catering, parking, loos, security, unloading and loading for your stallholders etc), choose a date (think of school holidays, other local events that might detract, other charity fairs in your area etc), choose the right stallholders (the CFA stallholder directory is a huge help here), plan your publicity (pitch it at the right level for the shoppers you want to attract, send invitations, email, put up posters, distribute flyers, use social media, have good signage etc) organise finances (maybe appoint a treasurer). These are just some of the things you need to consider. If you would like more information about joining the CFA as a fair organiser please call Annabel Peckham the Administrative Manager or email

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