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How to be the best stallholder!

By July 20, 2022 No Comments

We’ve been sharing various tips on our social media pages so we thought we’d gather a few of them here on the CFA blog. Whether you’ve been selling your goods at fairs for a decade or a month – there is always room to excel at being the best stallholder you can be! 



Take a good look at the products you are offering:

  • how are displaying them? How much kit are you bringing to a fair?
  • How long is your application? Are you listing your goods appropriately?

It will be one, or all of these points that will be putting fair organisers off.

You have to be honest! Ask a trusted friend what they think of your overall stallholder package. Better yet, ask a fellow CFA member or our Administrator – you will get an honest answer from them! It may just be something needs tweaking before you find you are getting into lots of fairs!

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The layout of your stall is oh so vital. It must be portable, easy to set up and look professional and engaging. You will likely setup in the early morning (probably after a stressful drive) and arrive at your small designated plot surrounded by your kit. It is exhausting!

So our top tip: rehearse your setup! Practise lugging your kit a short distance. Have dedicated packing for your products.


To maximise your sales at a fair, don’t leave all the marketing for on-the-day. Make sure you tell your customers and prospective customers that you will be exhibiting well in advance. Start to engage them early on. You can do this through your mailing list, an events page on your website, fair flyers in carrier bags, online orders and social media. It really makes a difference.

Be sure to capture nice photography of your team and products ‘in the wild’ so that you can use those assets across your marketing channels.

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