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Apothenie sprung out of two sisters-in-laws spending many years of sharing recipes, stories, products and ideas. They suddenly decided that they could collaborate and create a product that they believed in and could share with like minded people. And so Apothenie began….!
Apothenie candles are hand-poured in small batches using only eco natural ingredients – sustainable vegetable wax, 100% essential oils, cotton wicks and nothing else! They are clean-burning and so are better for you and the environment.

Apothenie use fully recyclable packaging and they also offer a refill service that is hugely popular. This allows you to recycle and repurpose your jar whilst saving you money on your next candle purchase. They even make sure there is no wastage and so use every last drop of wax for their wax melts. An eco natural brand that is ticking lots of boxes. Go to
Remember to put CFA after your name in the order so that 10% of your spend goes to the CFA Fund for our charities.

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