The name of the group shall be Charity Fairs Association (“CFA” or “Association”).


  • To promote the formation, growth and effective ethical operation of charity fairs.
  • To promote and support the members of the Association, who are either charity fairs or stallholders at the fairs.
  • To promote good relations between members.


The CFA is an unincorporated association of its members.  The CFA is non-profit making and operates on a self-financing basis.

Management Committee

The management of the CFA is vested in the Management Committee (“MC”) of at least five and up to nine members who are nominated and elected by the membership.

  • The MC must include at least one fair organiser and at least one stallholder member.
  • The MC may from time to time make rules (Bye-Laws) for the conduct of the CFA business.
  • The MC will manage the CFA according to the rules in this Constitution and the CFA Bye-Laws, as amended.
  • MC members will assume their duties immediately after election.
  • MC members will serve for three years and are eligible for re-election.
  • The MC will elect a Chair from Management Committee members to chair the annual general meetings and meetings of the MC.  The Chair will undertake other duties as detailed in the Bye-Laws.
  • In the event of a tie vote in the MC, the Chair will have a further deciding vote.
  • The MC shall meet a minimum of four times per annum.
  • A quorum of five is required for a meeting to be valid.
  • Shall a vacancy occur (other than the expiration of a member’s term of office) in the MC, the position shall be offered to a CFA member selected by the MC.
  • The new MC member will serve out the remainder of the departing member’s term and will be eligible for re-election.

Administrative Manager (“AM”)

The CFA shall employ an AM who will be responsible for the administration of the CFA under the direction of the MC in accordance with this Constitution and the Bye-Laws, as amended.

  • The Administrative Manager serves as a voting, ex officio member of the MC.
  • The AM will act as recording secretary to recording meetings of the CFA and the MC; the AM will prepare and send out the minutes of the meetings.
  • The AM will undertake such other duties in support of the CFA as required.


Membership is open to both charity fairs and stallholders.

  • Membership applications will be considered and voted on by the MC.
  • An applicant must do the following:
    • Complete CFA application forms and return the forms and all requested information before the application will be considered.
    • Read and agree to be bound by CFA rules
    • Consent to the holding of relevant data for the purposes of the GDPR.
    • Pay membership dues as set by the MC.

Ceasing to be a Member

The MC may remove a member from the CFA or not allow a member to renew its membership if the MC believes that it is in the best interests of the CFA.

Finance, Reporting and Management

  • Accounts are to be prepared at least quarterly for presentation to the MC.
  • Annual accounts are to be prepared by the appointed external accountants for the fiscal year-end. These will be made available to membership on-line and presented at the Annual General Meeting.
  • All monies raised by the CFA will be used only to further the aims of the CFA.
  • The MC, AM, or any person delegated by the MC to act as agent for the CFA or its members, shall enter into contracts only as far as expressly authorised, by the MC.
  • No one shall borrow money or incur debts on behalf of the CFA or its membership.
  • Authorised liabilities of the CFA will be indemnified by the assets of the CFA.
  • In the event of a deficit in CFA funds, each member’s liability will be limited to an additional assessment in the amount of their current annual membership dues.

Annual General Meetings (“AGM”)

The Association will hold an annual general meeting open to all members. The Chair and AM will make reports on the work of the CFA and present the accounts.

  • The Chair and AM will make reports on the work of the CFA and present the accounts.
  • AGMs will be no more than 15 months apart.
  • All members will be notified in writing at least 3 weeks before the date of the meeting, giving the venue, date and time.
  • Member proposals for discussion at the AGM must be made to the AM two weeks prior to the AGM.
  • A request for nominations for the MC will be made at the AGM. The election will take place and results will be reported via email.

Amendments to the Constitution

Amendments to the Constitution may be submitted for discussion at the AGM or the MC may submit proposed amendments to the membership for an email ballot.

  • Amendments proposals for discussion at the AGM must be made to the AM two weeks prior to the AGM and will be approved by a two-thirds vote of the members present at the AGM.
  • A proposal to amend the Constitution may be submitted to the membership via email and will require a two-thirds approval of responding members.


If the MC decides that it is necessary to dissolve the CFA, it must conduct an advisory referendum of the members via email.  Having done this, the MC may then dissolve the Association at its sole discretion.

  • All members will be notified of the MC’s decision and, if applicable, the effective date of the dissolution.
  • Liabilities will be met by CFA assets. In the event of a deficit, each member’s liability will be limited to an assessment no larger than the amount of their current annual membership dues, if this has not already been assessed to meet requirements in Section 8.7. In no case will assessments total more than one year’s membership dues.
  • If it is agreed to dissolve the Association, all remaining money and other assets, once outstanding debts have been paid, will be returned to in equal portions to members in good standing at that date.

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