1. These Bylaws may be amended from time to time by a majority vote of the Management Committee (“MC”). The amended Bylaws must then be posted on the website.
2. These Bylaws provide supplemental guidance for the management of the CFA in conjunction with the Constitution.
3. The Bylaws deal with, but are not restricted to the following items:
a) Management of the CFA.
b) Admission of members.
c) Fees, subscriptions or other payments.
d) Procedures at an AGM or other meetings.

Management Committee ("MC")

The Chair and Administrative Manager (“AM”) shall set dates for completion of elections for new committee members and oversee the completion thereof.

  1. The AM will announce at the AGM the opening of the election for the MC. Shortly after the AGM, the AM shall email the membership asking for the nomination of members who wish to join the MC.  The email will state the closing date for nominations.
  2. If the nominations do not exceed the number of open positions, no ballot will be required. The MC will vote to confirm the new MC members.
  3. If required, an email ballot will be sent to the members after nominations close. Results will be announced as soon as practicable thereafter.
  4. The candidates receiving the largest number of votes will fill the vacancies on the MC.
  5. Term of office for the Chair will be 2 years, with the ability to continue for up to 2 more years with a majority vote of the MC. If the extension of the Chair’s term extends beyond the existent expiration date of this member on the MC, the MC may extend the Chair’s membership in the MC so that the expiry of the Chair’s term coincides with the expiry of their term on the MC.
  6. Should a vacancy occur (other than the expiration of a member’s term of office) in the MC, the position may be offered to a CFA member selected by the MC.
  7. The new MC member will serve out the remainder of the departing member’s term. With MC approval, this member is entitled to serve a further
  8. Any member of the MC may be removed by a majority vote of the MC if the MC believes that it is in the best interests of the CFA to do so.

Administrative Manager (“AM”)

The AM will undertake such duties in support of the CFA as required or requested by the MC or the Chair.  Additional administrative support may be engaged with approval of the MC.  The AM’s duties are delineated in the AM job description and include, but are not limited to the following:

  1. Management and maintaining the website and liaising with the IT consultants.
  2. Management of membership.
  3. Managing the CFA treasury function and liaising with the external accounts for financial reporting.
  4. Managing other activities as requested the MC or Chair.


The Chair will undertake such duties and activities in support of the CFA and furthering the goals of the CFA as needed or requested by the MC.  The Chair’s duties include, but are not limited to the following:

  1. Work with the AM to provide the overall management of the CFA.
  2. Plan meetings and prepare the agenda in coordination with the AM.
  3. Ensure the action points from the meetings are completed.
  4. Attend AGM and prepare updates for the members.
  5. Cast the deciding vote in the event of a committee dispute or if the committee is divided.
  6. Deal with outside disputes or issues.
  7. Provide necessary support to the AM.
  8. Attend CFA functions.
  9. Review budgets and take overall fiscal responsibility for the CFA.


1. More than 1 class of membership is allowed.
2. Members will be bound by CFA rules. These rules and policies are contained in
a) Stallholder Best Practice
b) Fair Organiser Best Practice
c) CFA Website Terms and Conditions
d) Privacy Policy
3. By signing the CFA application form, members indicate that they have read and agree to be bound by CFA rules and policies
4. Fair Organisers (“FO”)
a) A fair must be an event such that a significant part of the profits, or a significant sum of money, goes to one or more charities.
b) The charity fair itself is the CFA member and the Fair Organiser holds the membership as a representative for that fair only.
c) Before joining, an established FO fair must provide details of funds raised for charity at previous events or how funds will be raised.
d) If the fair is new and therefore lacks historical data, the FO must provide information on how they intend to run the event and raise the charity funds.
e) The FO of a new fair should provide additional information as requested, which may include a reference from a trusted source such as a stallholder member, proof of identity or confirmation from the proposed venue.
f) The FO, as the fair’s representative, is responsible for ensuring that the fair is managed according to CFA rules.
g) If an FO member is establishing a second fair, that and subsequent fairs may be subject to MC approval.
5. Stallholders (“SH”)
a) Stallholder applicants must, where possible:
i) Provide references from two members, either stallholders and/or Fair Organisers and may need to provide proof of identity.
ii) Satisfy the MC that
(1) their products are of an acceptable standard,
(2) that they run a bona fide business, and
(3) comply with health and safety legislation where necessary.
b) SHs who also operate a significant wholesale business will not be admitted to membership. If a business should change in this regard during its membership the AM must be advised.
6. Any renewals paid will not be refunded.
7. The MC reserve the right to consider non-standard applicants.
8. The MC have the right to refuse new members or refuse renewals if the MC believes that it is in the best interests of the CFA to do so.

Ceasing to be a Member

1. Members may resign at any time in writing to the AM.
2. The MC, at its sole discretion, may remove a member or refuse a renewal. Criteria for removal of membership or non-renewal include, but are not limited to the following:
a) Non-payment of amounts owing to the CFA.
b) Offensive behaviour, including racist, sexist or inflammatory remarks.
c) Discrimination on grounds of race, religion, sex or sexual orientation.
d) Breaching data.
e) Failure to abide by current CFA rules and policies.

Finance, Reporting and Management

bank account will be maintained on behalf of the CFA at a bank agreed by the MC.

  1. More than one signatory may be required for account management.
  2. The MC will prepare an annual budget for review and approval.
  3. Contracts exceeding a value of £300 must have the express permission of the MC and be noted in the minutes of the meeting.

Annual General Meetings (“AGM”)

A quorum for the AGM is 50 members or where attendees make up 30% of the membership, which ever is smaller.